The Best Maui Snorkeling Tours

The Best Maui Snorkeling Tours

The Best Maui Snorkeling Tours

Whether planning a vacation to Maui for the first time or being a seasoned traveler, several snorkeling tours will provide you with various experiences. From the south shore to the west side, you’ll find a host of activities for you to enjoy.

Ultimate Whalewatch & Snorkel Turtle Town Adventure

Turtle Town is a snorkeling and kayaking haven on the southern coast of Maui. It’s home to Hawaiian green sea turtles and dolphins and is also one of the best places on the island to see manta rays.

The Turtle Town Ultimate Whalewatch & Snorkel Adventure snorkeling tour takes participants on a two-mile kayaking journey through Makena Bay. The time includes snorkeling equipment and bottled water. This is a great way to explore the island’s marine life and learn about its geography.

The Makena Turtle Town Ultimate Whalewatch & Snorkel Adventure snorkeling tour is perfect for first-timers. The tour guides will fit you with the appropriate snorkeling gear, give you safety tips, and even help you launch your kayak.

West Maui Half-Day Snorkel Adventure

Taking a half-day snorkeling excursion to the west coast of Maui is a great way to explore tropical reefs. A popular snorkeling activity on the islands, you will see colorful tropical fish and green sea turtles.

The snorkeling adventure departs from Kaanapali Beach, near Whaler’s Village. The tour will stop at some of the best snorkel sites along the island’s coastline. In addition, you will experience various marine animal species, including Hawaiian spinner dolphins, green sea turtles, and more.

The boat is equipped with an air supply and hose. You can reach depths of up to 20 feet with this equipment.

South Shore Premier Kayak and Snorkel Tour

Taking a snorkeling tour on Maui is a great way to explore the island’s many colorful coral reefs and marine life. Many of the best snorkeling locations on the island are found at beaches that you can reach by kayak. In addition to the beautiful corals and underwater arches, you will also have the chance to see sea turtles.

The best snorkeling on Maui is found in Napili Bay. It offers excellent visibility and is sheltered from the swells. It also is a good place to spot green Hawaiian sea turtles, as they frequently visit the area’s reefs.

Molokini Crater

Whether a veteran snorkeler or new to the water, you’ll find plenty of great options for Maui snorkeling tours. One of the best is Molokini Crater, a submerged volcano off the island’s southern coast. It’s a protected marine sanctuary and home to various aquatic species.

When choosing a tour, consider what you want to see and how much you’re willing to spend. For example, if you’re a group of friends or traveling with children, you might be interested in taking a snorkeling excursion that includes a buffet lunch, snacks, and a waterslide.

Olowalu Beach

Located near Lahaina, Olowalu Beach is a popular snorkeling site. It is also home to one of Hawaii’s most spectacular reefs. Olowalu is known for its clear waters and the chance to see manta rays and blacktip reef sharks.

Olowalu is the ideal spot for beginner snorkelers. The reef system offers a variety of colors and shapes. Aside from the apparent tropical fish, you can also encounter shimmery silver needlefish.

There are many different species of coral, including some that are hundreds of years old. In addition, Olowalu is home to a blacktip reef shark nursery. There are also dozens of sea turtles. These curious creatures congregate to clean algae from their shells.

Honolulu Bay

Honolulu Bay snorkeling tours are a popular tourist activity located in the city of Honolulu. With colorful fish and vibrant coral reefs, this area of Oahu offers a great day trip.

A local guide will help you navigate the waters and explain the many fish you can find in the bay. The tour also includes lunch and snacks. You can rent them from the beach if you need your equipment.

The tour is a good fit for anyone looking for a relaxing excursion away from the crowds. Depending on the tour, you can expect to swim in pristine reefs, play the ukulele, or sing along with a Hawaiian band.

Napili Bay

Taking one of the best Maui snorkeling tours, such as Ultimate Whalewatch & Snorkel, is a great way to explore some of the best snorkeling sites in the state. The tour will take you to different locations, and a guide will accompany you. They will provide exciting information about the area and take care of your drinks and food. You can find tours that are either guided or unguided.

One of the most popular snorkeling destinations in the state is Makena Landing. You can see turtles and other marine life at this spot. The water is usually calm, and the visibility is excellent.

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