Easy Call Tracking Solutions With Clixtell’s Software

If you want to make your business more profitable, you need to have the right tools. One of these is software for call tracking that will help you track lost leads and connections.

It also helps you understand where your leads are coming from and how your marketing campaigns perform. This information can help you improve your strategy and boost your ROI.

Easy to use

Software for call tracking is an effective tool for businesses, agencies, and marketers to track phone calls coming into their business. In addition, it helps them determine which marketing strategies are generating the most leads.

Choosing a call-tracking solution that is easy to use and scales is crucial. This is so that you can adapt quickly to changes in your business.

In addition, an excellent call-tracking solution must also be capable of integrating with your existing tech stack. This is necessary to ensure you use the best technology to support your campaigns and marketing initiatives.

Clixtell is a leading call tracking and analytics platform that combines powerful tools into a streamlined platform for efficient marketing, customer interaction, and sales optimization. It offers conversion intelligence, a live dashboard, detailed click-and-call reports, dynamic phone insertion, and more.

Easy to install

Software for call tracking is often implemented with business telephony systems, from basic two-line office phone systems to sophisticated call center platforms. In addition, call tracking can be integrated into other business software, such as CRM and customer service applications.

It tracks inbound and outbound calls to provide a complete picture of the nature of each call, including what the caller is seeking and how the caller found out about your company. This can help companies identify which team members are best equipped to handle specific calls, resulting in better customer satisfaction.

Clixtell offers easy-to-install and scale solutions for call tracking, web analytics, and Pay-Per-Click fraud detection, prevention, and protection services for online advertisers. This allows businesses to optimize advertising campaigns and increase sales, profit, and ROI.

Easy to manage

Call tracking solutions with Clixtell’s software make it easy for businesses to manage and scale their operations. They provide many features to help users track calls and identify which marketing channels generate leads.

This includes calling data, caller information, and customer journeys. It also helps marketers track campaigns and ads.

Its conversion intelligence tool shows the keywords and ads that lead to calls and conversions. It also tracks conversations and identifies which campaigns are delivering the highest ROI.

Its click fraud protection feature also detects invalid activity to protect your Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns from bots.

Its centralized user dashboard allows users to control call traffic and website-based clicks. They can even automate click-to-call campaigns for increased ad reach and answer rates.

Easy to scale

Call tracking is an essential tool to measure and optimize your marketing efforts. It can help you understand where your calls came from, what led them to convert, who your customers are, and how to improve your call-to-lead conversion rates.

It also offers keyword call tracking and recording functionality to ensure that you are bringing in the best leads and making better marketing campaigns using the most relevant keywords. In addition, the software can track calls across different platforms, including TV, print, radio, and online ads.

Clixtell is a cloud-based call-tracking application that helps marketers track conversions and improve their marketing campaigns. It offers keyword call tracking, recording, conversion metrics, a live dashboard, and more.