Tarot Cards and How They Work

Tarot Cards and How They Work

Tarot cards come in a deck of 78 cards. Each of the cards have their own imagery, symbolism and story. The cards are split into two groups; 22 major arcana and 56 minor arcana cards. The major arcana cards are linked to life’s karmic and spiritual lessons. The minor arcana cards are linked to trials and tribulations that presents its self-daily. The minor arcana cards have 16 tarot court cards that shows the 16 different characteristics of people personality and 40 numbered cards that comes in 4 suits that has 10 cards that link to situations that can come up in any day of the week. Tarot cards do not predict the future but can provide you with the story and a spiritual lesson. It is said that tarot cards will show you the lessons that needs to be mastered to live the inspired life.

How do tarot cards work?

Tarot cards are not about the future or making predictions, but intuition is what tarot cards. The imagery on the cards is what helps access your subconscious mind and the intuition that you have. With this knowledge you can discover what positive changes need to be done so that you can reach your goals and what you want for your future

The meanings of tarot cards

Each tarot card has a different meaning. Any Tarot Cards With Meanings help you understand what cards you get. The tarot card, the fool, means someone who knows all. The fool symbolizes several things; eternal soul, enlightenment, new cycle, trust, innocence, and the inner child. The magician is known as the messenger and represents meaning, mastering your imagination, conscious and unconscious processes. The high priestess symbolizes intuition, psychic energy, dream world, the unconscious, feelings, instincts, emotions, women’s cycles, magic, the womb and fertility. The empress is the great mother of love, beauty, fertility, relationships, money, peacemaking, and the arts. The emperor means masculine creativity, authority, power responsibility, leadership, passion and action along with sex, the warrior and defender. The hierophant connects with god/your guardian angel/higher self directly and symbolizes grounded, wisdom and energy. The lovers represent heaven and earth, union, love, communication, balance and duality. The chariot relates to controlling your emotions, home, family, needing emotional protection, your mother, nurturing, caring and nourishment. There are several more cards that have all kinds of meanings. It really takes getting to know and understanding the cards to use them.

Tarot Cards

Tarot cards have had some misunderstanding on what they can do or how they work. It takes some studying to understand and know what all the cards mean and how to interrupt their meaning. Tarot cards are easier if you are using them for yourself instead of trying to read for other people. Tarot cards are manly cards with pictures on them, but people can try to find the meaning in what cards they draw. These cards represent what is in your subconscious mind.

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